Keragaan Stek Pucuk Syrygium oleina terhadap Pemberian Zat Pengatur Tumbuh Rootone-F dan Komposisi Media Tanam

Deselina, Deselina and M. Fajrin, Hidayat and Ganesya, Wiratama (2015) Keragaan Stek Pucuk Syrygium oleina terhadap Pemberian Zat Pengatur Tumbuh Rootone-F dan Komposisi Media Tanam. Akta Agrosia, 18 (2). pp. 11-21. ISSN 1410-3354

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This study aims to determine the concentration of plant growth regulator combination Rootone F und a growing medium that provides the best growth of Pua* Merah shoot cuttage. The research was conducted in the July to September 2013. The method used is Complete Random Design (RAL) factorial two factors. Thefirstfactor is the concentration of plant growlh regulators Rootone-F (R), consisting of which consists of /:our levels: 0 ppm (control), 100 ppm (R.1), 150 ppn E2) and 200 ppm (R3). The secondfaetor is the composition of the growing medium conskts of: ground (Ml), soil, sand (1: 1) (M2), soil: sand: compost (l: 1: l) (M3). The variables measured were successful lde cattage, leaf number root lenglh, number of secondary roots and flry weight of cuttings and environmentalfactors (temperatwe and humidity). Results of analysis ofvariance showed that the concenlralion of plant growth regulators Rootone-F only real impact on the number of secondary roots while growing mediu:m trealment showed no real effect on all observed variables. Combinqtion treatment ofconcentration of growth regulators Rootone-F and planting media show no real on all obserued variables. The ambient temperatute during the study was " C 27.85-30.47 andhunidity 9i.48-96.32%. Based onthe results of analysis show that the combined treatment P2M2 gives the average p*centage of success alive and rooted cuttings highest 73.396, number of leaves 2 strands, 4.07 cm root length, 2 number of secondary roots and root dry weight 0.56 g.

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