Combining Ability Analysis of Growth and Yield Performances of Chili Pepper Derived from a Complete Diallel Scheme across Environments

Ganefianti, Dwi Wahyuni and Chozin, Mohammad Combining Ability Analysis of Growth and Yield Performances of Chili Pepper Derived from a Complete Diallel Scheme across Environments. In: 5 th International Conference-Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy, 22-24 Agustus 2017, Malaysia. (Unpublished)

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Combining ability analysis is a useful method for evaluation of the usefulness of inbred lines in the hybrid breeding program. The objective this study was to evaluate the potency of seven chili pepper inbred lines for their growth and yield performance by means of combining ability analysis under diallel crossing scheme. The experiments were conducted in two trial site. A complete diallel crossing scheme was performed to produce hybrids, selfed, and reciprocal generations foe estimation of general combing ability (GCA), specific combining ability (SCA), and reciprocal combining ability (RCA) effects across two environments. Significant GCA effect was found on all observed traits, but most of them were interact with location. These results suggested that additive gene action played important role in the inheritance of the traits and, for some traits, the expression of the additive gene were highly affected by environmental conditions. similar findings were revealed on SCA- location interaction effect for all traits, except fruit diameter, suggesting that non-additive gene action had also a significant contribution to the inheritance of the traits, although its effect was inconsistent across environments. Significant RCA-location interaction effect observed for most of the traits indicated that non-nuclear gene contributed to the expression of the traits. Based on the estimates of GCA, SCA, RCA, and their interaction effects on the environment, CK03 was identified as the best combiner for canopy width, single fruit weight, fruit length, and fruit yield, CR04 for fruit diameter, and CR07 for single fruit weight. Cross CR04 x CR07 produced the most potential hybrid as indicated by single fruit weight, fruit diameter, fruit number per plant, and fruit yield.

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