Plant growth regulator formulation for propagating Red Chili UNIB CH23 hybrid through stem cutting

Romeida, Atra and Ganefianti, Dwi Wahyuni and Barchia, M. Faiz and Supanjani, Supanjani and Herawati, Reny Plant growth regulator formulation for propagating Red Chili UNIB CH23 hybrid through stem cutting. International Journal of Agricultural Technology.

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Vegetative propagation may serve as a sound practice to propagate hybrid chili with suitable formulations of auxins. Thirty five plant growth regulator formulas which combinations with the types and concentration of auxin plant growth regulator including Root Moise served as a control commercial formula were selected for growth enhancement testing of Red Chili cuttings. The results demonstrated that 26 out of 35 formulas induced rooting and shoot growth of chili cuttings, and 25 formulas promoted fruiting. Formula F22 (combination of 10 ppm IBA + 10 ppm NAA) was the best formula for the growth of UNIB CH23 hybrid chili stem cuttings. As compared to the control cuttings treated with commercial root growth regulator at 2 ml L-1 , plants from cuttings treated with Formula 22 grew 2 times greater shoot sprouts of 26.19%, and 36.54% greater number of shoots, 37.5% higher dichotomously branches and 4.83 times greater number of productive branches. In term of fruit production, plants from cuttings tretaed with Formula F22 were increased the number of fruits per plant as 1.93 times higher and the fresh fruit weight of 1.75 times higher than those control plants. Formula F22 can be used for promoting growth of vegetatively propagated elite red Chili UNIB CH23 hybrid from stem cuttings, might be used as a sound alternative for growing chili through generative propagation from seeds.

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