Sukma, Dewi and Aziz, Sandra Arifin and Sudarsono, Sudarsono and Romeida, Atra and Handini, Aline Sisi and Raynalta, Erick Hasil Turnitin BREEDING, CLONAL PROPAGATION AND APPLICATION OF MOLECULAR MARKER ANALYSIS OF Phalaenopsis. Proceeding International Symposium on Sustalnablllty Science. (Unpublished)

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Phalaenopsis Is one of famous orchid with high economic value. Breeding is needed to develop a new population as material selection for a new variety which adaptive to cUmate change. Molecular marker Is useful for diversity analysis and molecular assisted breeding In plants. Phalaenopsis has long juvenUe stage for flowering, In that case, molecular marker could be developed for early selection of progenies which have specific character. Clonal propagation Is needed to provide the propagules of selected varieties. The research was carried out to collect and characterize some species and hybrids of Phalaenopsis, develop some hybrid population, clonal propagation or mlcropropagatlon protocol and apply molecular marker for diversity analysis of species and hybrids.ln this article, morphological and molecular characterization of TSW 1102 Phalaenopsishybrid population (PhaL belllntn. PhaL 'Salu Spot? and clonal propagation of TSW 1103Phalaenopsishybrid population (PhaL 'Sogo Diamond' x PhaL 'Jin Bao Red Rose?are reported. The results of the research showed that 123 progenies of TSW 1102 population were clustered into main group with the level of similarity about SO.or diversity SO%. Molecular marker analysis by using 3 locus of SNP marker which was developed from Chalchone Synthase Gene (CBS) Sequence could separate the population Into 3 group with the level ofslmllarity 80-86%. Clonal propagation ofTSW 1103 population carried out uslngaxtUary branchlng.Murashlge and Skoog Medium wlthadditlon of 10.30 ppm of benzylaminopurine (BAP)gave the best result

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