Ganefianti, Dwi Wahyuni and M. , Chozin and S.H, Hidayat and M., Syukur (2013) DIALLEL ANALYSIS OF BEGOMOVIRUS RESISTANCE AND AGRONOMIC PERFORMANCES IN CHILI PEPPER. In: Proceedings The 3rd International Symposium for Sustainable Humanosphere (ISSH) A Forum of Humanosphere Science School (HSS). Research and Development Unit for Biomaterials LIPI, pp. 108-112. ISBN 2088-9127

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Diallel analysis provides estimation of genetic parameters which is important in plant breeding program. This analysis can estimate gene action, combining ability and heterosis of a crossing combination. Objective of this study was to estimate the genetic paramaters of Begomovirus resistance and other agronomic characters in chili pepper using diallel analysis. As much as 42 hybrids and 7 selfed families generated from a full diallel cross of seven parental lines varying in Begomovirus resistance and yield potential were allotted in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Virus infection was made by inoculating ‘Segunung’ isolate from infected plant using Bemisia tabaci as the vector. Based on general combining ability (GCA) value, IPBC12 and IPBC10 showed as good combiners for the resistance, whereas IPBC14 was a good combiner for fruit yield per plant. Considering the value of specific combining ability (SCA), crosses of IPBC18xIPBC26, IPBC10xIPBC15 showed good crossing combinations for Begomovirus resistance and fruit yield, IPBC14x35C2 was a good combination for Begomovirus resistance, whereas IPBC14xIPBC18 was a good combination for fruit yield.

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