Board of Trustees of Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (US) (2013) GLYPHOSATE RESISTANT 5-ENOLPYRUVYLSHIKIMATE-3-PHOSPHATE (EPSP) SYNTHASE. US 2013/0157340 A1.

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A plant comprising SEQ. ID. NO. 2 or a functional portion thereof, Wherein SEQ ID NO. 2 is not native to said plant. A glyphosate resistant grass of economic value comprises a nucleic acid molecule that encodes a EPSPS enzyme. In some embodiments, the nucleic acid molecule comprises a sequence of SEQ. ID. NO. 1, or a functional portion thereof. In some embodiments, the EPSPS enzyme can be a polypep tide molecule comprising an amino acid sequence that is essentially of SEQ. ID. NO. 2, or portion thereof. Embodi ments include a DNA construct comprising a SEQ. ID. NO. 1 or a functional portion thereof and transgenic methods for inserting the DNA construct into a plant. Some embodiments include non-transgenic glyphosate resistant turfgrasses.

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